Nigeria is a signatory to different regional and international treaties which prohibit GBV. Despite this, the highest incidence of GBV occurs in the home and in the bosom of the closely knitted family. This is a contradiction as the African family is noted for being closely knit. Studies shows that Nigerian women and girls like their counterparts the world over, suffer GBV irrespective of class, age, religion or social status. Incidents of GBV such as wife battery, rape and killing e.t.c are on the increase in Nigeria.

Nigeria like other countries is however under the obligation to create a legal framework to prevent GBV and also protect victims of GBV. There is no comprehensive national law specifically prohibiting GBV while most states of the country do no not have specific laws prohibiting GBV and punishing perpetrators of GBV. At the moment only 6 of the 36 States have laws prohibiting and punishing the offence of GBV in Nigeria.